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Rabbi Sessler is the author of three books in philosophy & Jewish identity. The books are available in every major university library, and for purchase online. 

Levinas and Camus: Humanism for the 21st Century


This book, originally the Rabbi’s doctoral dissertation, examines the work of the Jewish ethicist Emmanuel Levinas & the French novelist and essayist Albert Camus. Sessler examines their respective critiques of totalitarian politics (Nazism, Stalinism, religious fundamentalism) as religious and secular humanists, and shows how people of conscience must work together to eradicate political idolatry, irrespective of one’s metaphysical orientation. To read more:

Leibowitz and Levinas: Between Judaism & Universalism


Written and published in Hebrew, this book shows how these two philosophers preached both universal ethics and religious piety, in terms of everyday life, Zionism and world politics. To read more:

Paris and Jerusalem: Poetic Theosophy, Cultural Criticism & Parisian Prose (in Hebrew)

This book, described by the publisher as “a spiritual autobiography,” delineates the dialectical tension in the human condition between the mystical and the immanent. Specifically, the book compares and puts in dialogue Jewish mystical figures & texts and the Western intellectual canon. To read more:


Soulful Living: Torah to Ignite Your Soul

This forthcoming book is a collection of the Rabbi’s reflections on the weekly Torah portions.

Understanding Tanya: A Systemic Explication of Judaism’s Premier Work of Chassidic Psychology.


Forthcoming in English

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